Sail Away

She waits as dawn approaches... tales of the sea, and the gale winds approaching. Gently tossed to and fro, she cools her heels in the folk lore of the morning. They will come, of that she is sure. Yea, she hangs her hat on it.

And when she has been spent for the day, as the gloaming looms in the distance, tis there she scatters her pinings to the wind. The morrow has quickly cast her into the dusky shadows ahead, where she will rock, gently tossed to and fro, awaiting her next venture out to sea...


For Wyatt

Your hands smell of fish
Little man
I can barely keep up
Places where you once ran

"He's just a boy"
I sing to the world
"Offer up your praises
Your affections, where he began"

He's just a boy
Sweet thing
Soon he'll reach for the stars
And defy everything

He'll climb and fall
He'll scrape his knee
And I'll smile and I'll
Feign umbrage,
Because you see

He's just a boy...