The Pine Tree

“I am like the green pine tree; all your blessings come from me.” (Hos 14:8)

Look at the pine tree, standing majestically,
Its arms reaching out toward those who will draw near.

Look at the pine tree, with resilient needles that are
Affected by neither the scorching sun nor the winter frost.
They do not wither with age, nor plummet to the ground
With the blowing of the wind.

Neither the seasons of life
Nor the storms raging winds
Can shake its foundation.

In the quiet strength of its boughs
It upholds the drifting snow
And the feathered nests of the birds of the air.
Its aromatic balsam symbolizes an innocent life,
And soothes the soul with its fragrant oil.

Take great care in the presence of the pine tree,
For its needles will prick and sting at the touch of the
Unrepentant heart or the careless of spirit.

But for all who seek the mystery of its life giving branches,
And the beauty of the tender green shoots,
He whispers your name:

“Come, let the gentle stirrings of the wind
Dance within you as you caress my soft pine needles
With the tender stroke of a child’s hand.”

Look at the pine tree and be refreshed in spirit,
For He is like the green pine tree.